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Overall, I felt that the project definitly encompassed a lot of circulating through loads of information, especially for England.  The sheer fact that there was so much for this century made England very difficult, because I had to really pinpoint the main themes for each event.  From Cromwell and the Long Parliament all the up to the Glorious Revolution, there was definitely some interesting events.  England obviously emerged as a leading nation at the end of the 17th century, but had to experience much bloodshed to get there.  I was the most intrigued at Cromwell, simply because I knew little about him, and really could not believe one man pretty much ended a history of a monarchy that had lasted for hundreds of years.  The fact that he was a Puritan also makes me wonder if the events leading to the colonization of New England would have changed if the Puritans had a line of leaders to continually support back in England.  would they still have gone? Probably not.  The easiest part was definitely Austria, because there was not as much happening to them after the 30 Years War then in England.   The Hapsburgs were also a large part, and I already knew a lot of info about them from previous chapters, so retaining the info was much easier then the multiple kings of England.


One of the most surprising things I noticed is that this is the first time I truly see the people of England modernizing to a point that is really similar to today.  Not only the whole bit with Cromwell, but also the Navigation Acts and especially the bank, makes our history in America seem so much more similar to England then I had already known.  The link is kind of a fun one this week!

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